Doris Miller at Pearl Harbor
Doris Miller at Pearl Harbor
Celebration : Doris Miller : Pearl Harbor : WWII

Photos courtesy of Naval Historical Center

Please join us in honoring the memory of a great Texan, Doris Miller, a U.S. Navy hero at Pearl Harbor and the first African-American recipient of the Navy Cross. Explore this site and learn about Doris Miller, his sacrifice, and the historical context of Pearl Harbor and World War II.

Join the Celebration!

Friday May 25, 2001
10 a.m.

Texas State Capitol
South Steps

You are invited to pay tribute to Doris "Dorie" Miller and all Texas veterans at the Texas State Capitol on Memorial Day. Governor Rick Perry will be on hand to lead the ceremony. Between noon and 4pm, the festivities move to the Doris Miller Auditorium. There will be models of aircraft and ships on display in addition to original WWII communications equipment, posters and the tail of a Japanese Dive Bomber known as a Val Dive Bomber, and the same kind of gun Doris Miller fired. It is a .50 caliber water-cooled anti-aircraft gun on a ship mount courtesy of the Admiral Nimitz Museum.

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